Porkchop X Watson 8 weeks

A Persian and Exotic Shorthair still AVAILABLE Call or email for details and pricing on these 2 kittens. ExoticsandPersians@christy Sundae Sundae is a shaded dilute calico. She has the black eye liner thanks to the silver gene, her now green eyes will turn copper penny color. She already has a luxurious coat and will undoubtedly […]

Pork Chop X Watson

6 weeks old and hitting all their marks. A delightful litter of Exotic Shorthair and a Persian Kitten.

Pork Chop X Watson 4 weeks

Porkchop and Watson’s Desert Bar of kittens are starting to tumble about. They crawled out of their birth bed and will be avq

Pork Chop X Watson 3-12-2024

What a way to start 2024 Your chance for a shaded kitten with 4 females and 1 male born. This is a flashy , healthy litter!

Tiffany Blue X Push Over

Tiffany Blue is Thanks to MIPAWS Cattery. The bluest eyes, and super white coat. CFA Champion Lines.

Peach Pitt X Watson

Peach Pitt my little red ESH has been bred To CFA CH Watson. Expect some color and quality!

Poppy Seed X Watson

Looking for a PERSIAN? This is the litter . They will be 100% EXOTIC Long Hairs. CFA Champions on both sides of the pedigree.

Pork Chop X Watson March

If You are after a shaded Kitten Exotic Shorthair or Persian, stalk this litter. Watson and Pork Chop produce beautiful shaded kittens!

Early Neurologic Stimulation

Little wild Lionheart! They are all within a couple ozs of each other. Still a big pile o puppies. Today they are stretched out on my living room floor soaking up some sun from the window.

My Ever After Farm