Chapel X Devo

Always with our eye to the sky, we are happy to announce the breeding of Chapel X Devo Devo adds a little France to our lines as well as some high achieving American Bloodlines. Chapel our Runway model of Griffon world has a star studded pedigree fierce prey drive and is an excellent house companion.

Early Socialization

We all want a confident balanced companion. You hold the keys in your hand, as early socialization is key to this outcome. Let’s discuss your puppies upbringing and where you should go from here.


Idaho Outback Owner Highlight, Janet Hawkins and The Griffonteers.

Faith X Towser

Idaho Outback has spent 21 years of searching for exceptional bloodlines, keeping the best, and not settling for mediocrity. 4th generation bred Faith Hill, and 3rd generation bred Towser shows it all.

Brave x Towser 5/30/24

Towser will do anything you ask.

We breed for it all, outside speed and inside calm. That is what you will get from Brave X Towser. Contact me for details.

Genetic Lottery Winners, our males!

Here at Idaho Outback, we are always looking towards the future.  Our female Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are integral to our ability to produce a consistent, Griffon puppy that exhibits all the health, conformation, temperament, and bird drive we expect.  Because the female gives so much to our program, we are always keeping new up and coming potential females, which enables us to retire our females young.  I have a long waitlist for these choice few retired females, and those that have been recipients have loved their experience with our beloved companions.  

What is the age to Spay or Neuter your Griffon?

The best age to spay or neuter your Griffon or any dog has changed over time. Since the United States and other countries have experienced a large over population of unwanted cats and dogs, large campaigns to spay and neuter your pets have been launched, and with noble reasons.

Faith X Towser (6 Weeks)

AKC registered Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies bred by Idaho Outback Griffons. This is Hero one of our male 3-week-old puppies. At this stage they have begun nibbling at water moistened puppy kibble. We will rarely, moisten with goats’ milk, which is closer to dog milk than other milks, but only when the litter is large, and the momma Griffon is having a hard time keeping up with her chore. I much

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