Exotic Shorthairs
& Persian Females

Starting your journey for a new "family" member can be a thrilling prospect. We welcome you to take your first step with confidence, and let your journey unfold.

Pork Chop

MYLYONS’ Pork Chop, is a Silver Dilute Tortoiseshell Exotic Shorthair. That is a mouthful. Her dad was our Beautiful Smoke Persian “H” SHe always throws shaded or silver kittens, and it is so fun to see the white shimmer under their coats. She has dramatic marking and a blotch or 3 of cream to add to her genetic diversity.


PRIMROSE is gorgeous. A striking calico with a deep plush coat. Smooth top and perfectly round everywhere, cobby tail, an absolute beauty. Personality, she doesn’t know a person she likes. She will make a lovely little show cat for us and eventually a little momma cat too.

Deep copper eyes Tortoiseshell

Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed CFA MYLYON”S Poppy Seed, is a Tortoiseshell Exotic Long Hair. She is a CPC, ie Color Point Carrier, which I love because the color possibilities she can produce are unlimited. She is a joy, enjoys her baths and grooming. She has a kitten like attitude , is always up to play.

Peach Pitt

Peach Pitt, my little tigress, Kitten Chaos’s Peach Pitt of MYLYON is a red Tabby Exotic Shorthair. She is sweet and gentle, loves everyone. Her pedigree is packed full of Champions and Grand Champion CFA cats. Red cats are always gregarious and she is no exception. I love to breed red females because they produce all colors. Also love the vibrance of her truly red coat, very striking! This is definitely her pose!

Mipaws Tiffany Blue

Is a little masterpiece, small and cobby. Perfectly round with a short tail, tiny ears, and snub nose, and crystal Tiffany Blue round eyes. Tiffany lives at my mom’s house; she is a social butterfly. She greets every guest, sits in the midst of the biggest family gatherings. She is a Blue Cream Point and has a remarkably clear cream coat.

Notes from the Farm

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