Exotic Shorthairs
& Persian Males

Starting your journey for a new "family" member can be a thrilling prospect. We welcome you to take your first step with confidence, and let your journey unfold.

Push Over

Kitten Chaos’s Push Over of MYLYON’s Push Over is the perfect Match to Tiffany. A small but stocky package perfectly round head with large deep blue eyes and a lovely nose set. He is a seal point, Exotic Short Hair. Thanks to Greg Swensen of Kitten Chaos for sharing his lovely genetics with me again. We will be producing color point kittens in 2024. He is a purring little Tom Cat that is sweet and gentle.


CH Kitten Chaos “Say What?” of MYLYON is a little angel in a luxurious White Coat with the deepest copper eyes. He throws Odd eyed white kittens as well when paired with a carrier. He literally melts while getting a nice warm bath and genuinely seems to love to be groomed. His kittens have been as sweet as he is. Thanks to Greg Swenson of Kitten Chaos for sharing this beautiful cat and getting his CFA Champion status.

Notes from the Farm

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