5 weeks old

Never so happy Poppyseed
Past litter of Poppyseed and Watson

Persian Kittens ie Exotic Longhairs, are really coming into their own at 5 weeks of age. This is an important time in their development, as they acquire the skills needed for being a well socialized house cat. They have mastered the litterbox, having a gauntlet of them to pass through when getting out of their cozy bed. It really bonds them to that habit. Also they are really still mastering eating, they have IAMS kitten food in a crunchy form as well as a daily amount of soft cat food. Soft cat food is given with purpose to allow the cat to acquire a taste for this texture. At this age Poppyseed is still feeding them multiple times a day.


Patriot Male Persian almost 5 weeks old

This little fella, is exquisite. round eyes, tiny ears and nose. He has a voluminous coat, and is possible to go in any direction, show cat or sweet companion. He is open and gregarious and laid back.

His eyes are immature and should turn deep copper like his dad and mom in a few weeks. He comes with a genetic health guarantee as do all my kittens

Pricing and details are available via email. He will be priced with and without papers.

Glory female Persian Kitten

Glory is glorious for sure. She has tons of coat, pure white, copper eyes, feminine, still solidly built. SHe is a little tigress, loves toys, foil balls and a squeaky mouse are her favorites. SHe is already accustomed to the love and adoration of a 3 year old. Happy to be cuddles in a blankie.

She will be ready in a few short weeks. Contact me for details.


Victory is a calico female Persian almost 5 weeks old now. She has a lot of sass, being the only colored kitten in the group has made her very popular with the grandkids, and she has come to appreciate the attention. Big coat will be as beautiful or more so than her momma. Every detail is in the right place with this kitten, perfectly poised nose, nice coloring. A beautiful Kitten. Email for details ExoticsandPersains@gmail.com

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