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Quality Breeding Programs are both our Pride & Passion

Located on acres of rolling hills and beautiful scenery, our animals have plenty of space to roam and play. We take pride in our breeding programs, which are focused on producing animals that are healthy, well-socialized, and of exceptional quality. 

Our Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are bred for their hunting abilities and make excellent family pets. Our Exotic Shorthairs & Persians possess unique features and sweet personalities, while peafowl, and guinea fowl freely roam the farm. Last, but not least, our Scottish Highlanders are bestowed with shaggy coats, long horns, and gentle personalities. 

We take great care in placing our animals in loving homes where they will be cared for and appreciated for their unique characteristics.

Elliott and Christy Owen

My Ever After Farm

The Farm

A New Story Unfolds Everyday on The Farm

Slow and steady, Sometimes things don't go quite as quickly as planned on a farm. But we always strive for the end game so it may take us longer but the prize will be...
We raised feral children. They touched electric fences, peeled leaches off their ankles, and occasionally stepped on nails. They had roosters for pets, joined 4H, went to chicken shows, did chores, and got jobs. They...
Red, Yellow, White, Black, Dun, Silver and Brindle...

My Ever After Farm