Watson X Porkchop

Exotic Shorthair and Persian Kittens Available!

March 12, 2024

We are a small Idaho Cattery called MYLYON. I love to breed the exceptional in all ways. This first litter of 2024 should include both Exotic shorthaired kittens and Persian kittens. Colors including shaded, bi color kittens, and a white Female Sold from a waitlist. Email or phone for INFO.

Watson X Porkchop

Litter Updates

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6 weeks old and hitting all their marks. A delightful litter of Exotic Shorthair and a Persian Kitten. ...
Porkchop and Watson's Desert Bar of kittens are starting to tumble about. They crawled out of their birth bed and will be avq...
3 1/2 week old Exotic litter Gorgeous shaded colors and lots of Girls. ...
What a way to start 2024 Your chance for a shaded kitten with 4 females and 1 male born. This is a flashy , healthy litter!...
If You are after a shaded Kitten Exotic Shorthair or Persian, stalk this litter. Watson and Pork Chop produce beautiful shaded kittens!...

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