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Outback’s Braveheart

Brave is our own bred field phenom! Brave is striking, with a perfectly crisp coat suited to any terrain. Nice energy in the field never misses a downed bird, will sit in a bird blind all morning, sensitive to her companion hunter’s cues, honors naturally, and gleefully retrieves. She has a favorite person, my son Porter who made her the waterfowl dog she has become. Bonsai, one of our original male’s bloodline courses through her body, and we love it.

Brave is nearing her mother retirement, but we have kept her gorgeous clone daughter Faith, and intend on keeping her granddaughters in the near future. Brave’s dad is an AKC CH Sage Ridge Jebediah of Enfield SR49439002. Thanks to Sage Hill Kennels for sharing these wonderful genetics with our Idaho Outback Griffon Lines.

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Brown Gray Ticked
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56 lbs
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21 inch


Outback’s Braveheart


Outback's You Can't Handle the Truth

True was our first truly Outback bred dog. She was the product of a fabulous hunting dog named Bonsai. He was a tough dog that wouldn’t take no for an answer. We bred him to our original female Rose and that was magic. A beautiful dog with nice calm manners and wild prey drive. That was TRUE what a DOG!


AKC CH Sage Ridge Jebediah of Enfield

Jeb was part of my quest to retain all that was proven in the world. He was talented in the field and talented in the show ring. Jeb gave us both Brave and Faith. Again so many folks shared their bloodlines with our kennel. I traveled far and wide spent many hours driving and in vet clinics and I think it shows in our back yard, and on the hill side alike.

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