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Chapel X Devo

French American Bloodline

Monson’s Coppershot Devo

Idaho Outback Griffons has been driven to buy the best, keep the best, and breed to the best…. Damn the cost, or convenience. People sometimes ask me, “What makes your kennel stand out from other kennels?”. I tell them one component is the willingness to invest in your breeding program, the integrity to walk away from a breeding prospect and properly rehome said animal when the Griffon falls short of a goal, and the fortitude to search for more bloodlines that may improve and preserve the quality dogs that Idaho Outback Griffons is known to produce.


Idaho Outback Griffons have used numerous AKC Champions, AKC JH, Junior Hunter, NAVDA Prize Winners, NAVDA VC, Versatile Champions, and AWPGA Hall of Fame recipients in our outcrosses. Always with our goals in mind, health and conformation, solid biddable temperaments, who have natural inborn hunting instinct.

DEVO is a young Griffon who is really showing early promise. He reminds me of my AUX LAKE line dogs with the gorgeous sturdy head, and affable temperament. His young 14 year old handler has really grown with DEVO. So proud of their work together. All his health clearances are in and happily all is clear. Not all our French imported dogs have been so blessed so I am very excited to see what pups lovely Chapel and handsome Devo produce.

Outback’s Goin’ to the Chapel

Chapel herself descended from Chapel Views’ Bootlegger, #1 owner handled AKC Wirehaired Pointing Griffon multiple years running. She is a striking and an adorable, quirky angel in the house. SHe has produced a lovely litter of pups, as has DEVO but this will be their first litter together.

If you are interested in this match consider getting on my Golden Wait List, as I have considerable interest in the breeding and the timing of it’s birth. We expect to breed Chapel late May with pups out the door Mid July, if Mother Nature is willing.

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