Is a Griffon the Right Breed for You?

I sell a lot of Griffons to Labrador Retriever People. I understand why Labs are so popular – they’re the classic hunting dogs. Almost every country kid either had one or knew someone who did. They bring back memories of ducks, first shotguns, and those slobbery kisses. You can find Labs in many backyards, some […]

The Griffon Coat

The Griffon Coat The distinguishing characteristic of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breed is its coat. It’s rough, unkempt, and simultaneously stately, with striking brown or chestnut head and body patching that contrasts with the famous steel-gray body. Griffons come in various colors, such as steel-gray and brown, chestnut brown, roan, whitish-brown, and whitish-orange. Single-colored Griffons […]

Versatile Hunting Dog – The Griffon

While my brother was hunting along an icy river, a duck popped up, and they smartly shot him. The duck, in a hail mary, headed for the river, sailing past the edge, dropped into the water, and then the current pulled him under the lip of the ice. Towser saw the whole thing too and […]

Training a Brave Griffon

Anxiety and Your Griffon – You All Are Making Me Anxious! Let’s start at the beginning. We can all agree that the WIREHAIRED POINTING GRIFFON is a sensitive soul. When these dogs were first bred, they were a mix of high-powered hunting, pointing, retrieving, and tracking dogs, as well as a generous dose of “How […]

Health, Insurance, and Food

Pet Food FadsSpaying & NeuteringHealth IssuesCost of Dog Ownership Pet Food Fads I am frequently asked what I feed my dogs. Having been involved in the Veterinary Industry for many years and having toured several pet food manufacturers, as well as undergone extensive training on various diet lines, I hold practical opinions on everything in […]

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