The Breeding Journey

Slow and steady, Sometimes things don’t go quite as quickly as planned on a farm. But we always strive for the end game so it may take us longer but the prize will be worth it!

We Raised Feral Children

We raised feral children. They touched electric fences, peeled leaches off their ankles, and occasionally stepped on nails. They had roosters for pets, joined 4H, went to chicken shows, did chores, and got jobs. They learned about death, and a way through that pain. They experienced life and birth and all that great, gritty, and marvelous process. They were taught about freedom and the gift we have of living in a modern age in this great country. They were taught to have a voice and stand up for your convictions, because “Who Better than You?’

Ever After Farm News

My Ever After Farm is about family, and living nowhere, and having fun while doing it.

My Ever After Farm