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Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed CFA MYLYON”S Poppy Seed, is a Tortoiseshell Exotic Long Hair. She is a CPC, ie Color Point Carrier, which I love because the color possibilities she can produce are unlimited. SHe is a joy, enjoys her baths and grooming. She has a kitten like attitude , is always up to play. Champions on either side of her pedigree. SHe has produced lovely kittens already, and I expect that to continue. She has tons of coat, perfect copper eyes, with pert little ears and a cobby body and tail. Her dad is, CFA Grand Champion, Jazzy Cats Midnight Madness of

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Exotic Longhair (Persians)
9# lbs
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Poppy Seed


Tiffany Blue, is truly like a fine piece of China. Her crystal blue eys, clear base coat, nicely dense coat. She has perfect conofrmation, and she is an excellent mother.



Toothless alias GC Jazzycats Midnight Madness Divinity is a handsome full coated male with deep copper eyes. Classic Persian Looks. Thanks to Jazzyxats for this beautiful boy.

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