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Outback’s Towser Augustus

Towser is another spectacular example of what a well bred Griffon can be. Towser is the son of Chrome our Aux Lake bred male. He is the proverbial chip off the ol block. He is affable, and a jokester, loves stuffed animals, and his favorite friend is a Shih Tzu named Sapphire. Sounds like a dating site, and that’s just the beginning. All the grandkids love this goofy guy, and all the hunters want to take him home. He was trained and co-owned by my good friend Steve Peterson. He and his lovely wife Kristine picked him from a mob of puppies. Circumstances changed and Towser went to live with my brother, Rodney Holt and his hunting family in Eastern Idaho. Well that has set in motion a glorious hunting life for Towser and my brother who enjoys both upland, and waterfowl hunting, besides the many camping and trail riding adventures.

Towser has been known to enter icey rivers, can identify upland species and gives them the space required to hold tight, is ready to hunt and go home. Towser has a perfectly harsh coat and he shakes excess water off the top, burrs come easily from this guy’s crisp coat. He is dark but he throws mostly steel coats with a sprinkling of Brown ticked pups like himself. He is an apt ladies man and takes his job very seriously, getting right to the point when the time is right. Towser is available to breed to a few outside Griffons, and if you are interested send me an email, I will fill you in with our details. He has a 100% success rate in his breeding history.

Whelp Date:
Registration #:
Brown Ticked
Hunting Weight:
62 lbs
Shoulder Height:
23 inch


Outback’s Towser Augustus


Outback’s On My Honor

Towser’s mother, Outback’s On My Honor, is from one of our original female Griffons that stole our heart, and got us to where we are today.


Outback’s Brown Chrome

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