Pork Chop

MYLYONS’ Pork Chop, is a Silver Dilute Tortoiseshell Exotic Shorthair. That is a mouthful. Her dad was our Beautiful Smoke Persian “H” SHe always throws shaded or silver kittens, and it is so fun to see the white shimmer under their coats. She has dramatic marking and a blotch or 3 of cream to add to her genetic diversity. Pork Chop, named for her big ol cheeks is a wonderful mother, and house Cat. Her eyes are to die for, and she throws odd eyed white kittens on occasion. PKD clear lineage.

Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed CFA MYLYON”S Poppy Seed, is a Tortoiseshell Exotic Long Hair. She is a CPC, ie Color Point Carrier, which I love because the color possibilities she can produce are unlimited. SHe is a joy, enjoys her baths and grooming.

My Ever After Farm