Pork Chop X Watson 3-12-2024

Fabulous 5 first litter of 2024

Smore, Sundae, Soda, Cream Sickle, Peppermint

Pork Chop and Watson out did themselves with this color offering. Just opening their eyes now, fat and thriving. Pork Chop is a doting mother, who barely leaves her brood for a bite to eat. Watson is a Black and white CFA Champion underneath that gorgeous dominant white coat. So he voted bi color all the way in this group less little white Soda.

1 week old

White Female SODA

Soda is a female, dominant white. She has a ways, as all her siblings, to be around 4.5 weeks of age, before we know coat length, Persian or Exotic Shorthair.

Up front her eyes will be blue, or grayish blue, but that color will change and become deep copper like her CFA CHAMPION, DAD, or be 2 colors 1 blue and 1 eye copper. We can see that around 6 weeks old.

CH Kitten Chaos “Say WHat” of MYLYON

CFA Champion Watson

Watson is the best little male, gentle with the females, easy to groom, car for, he produces gorgeous kittens.

Statistically we would normally get 1/2 the kittens born white but I guess he was feeling colorful this litter.


S’more and Sundae, are both little females. They are most likely shaded, with the beautiful white shimmering under coat. I believe one is a Blue Cream and White, and the other a Shaded Calico, I will get colors down closer to 5 weeks old.


Peppermint is likely a shaded black or blue and white kitten. Female and gorgeous and eyes already wide open!

Cream Sickle

Wow how gorgeous is he! I am guessing he is a cameo, or Red with the creamy undercoat. He should have deep copper eyes. He is going to be handsome and is a big kitten comparing him to his sisters. Watch this big guy! Red kittens always have the chillest personalities. His head sure looks Cream but his body says Red, we will see how this goes. I bet CAMEO.

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