Pork Chop X Watson 4 weeks

The Desert Bar

This litter of kittens is quite the way to start the season. An explosion of color, and their sweet Persian style. Personality is emerging as they learn to navigate their world. Kittens are starting to nibble on their kitten food. They have litter boxes all set up, in the beginning more is better than less :] I love this time I get with your babies, soon enough they will be running throughout the kitchen and living room. Contact me via email for info on pricing and availability. The Waitlist will be offered picks this week. After that I will open the rest up for discussion. The best way to get a pick kitten is by getting on my waitlist. Article posted under the cat section.


With only little Sundae with the long Persian Coat, she shines in other ways as well. Her momma carries the silver gene, so little Sundae will shimmer with every step. She is a Copper eyed, Dilute Calico, and has an exquisite type. Solid little kitten, with a perfectly round head , short cobby body and tail.



Soda is an Exotic Shorthair, so she will have the gorgeous easy care plush coat. Luxurious as the softest minky blanket. Her now green eyes will turn the color or a new copper penny. Soda is an adventurer, literally the first kitten out of the box. She already walks around with her tail high in the air looking for attention.

I was asked about deafness in white cats. It is linked to the blue eyed gene. This kitten is not deaf.



Exotic Shorthair, female “Smores”. She is a shaded Calico. A white under coat which gives her a smoky look to the black and a creamy look to some of her red patches. Her eyes will turn from baby gray to deep copper. Nice CHOPS like her mother Pork Chop was named for. Cobby body, and tail, tiny ears with a round head.


Peppermint Patty

Check out that gorgeous head profile. Her sweet expression combined with large round eyes, and tiny ears. This is Peppermint Patty, Patty for short. She is also an adventurer, found exploring every inch of her space, climbing her toys and seeking people. SHe is a Shaded Bi-Color Tabby with copper eyes.

Exotic Shorthair” all the glamour or a Persian, but not the length.



Holy Smokes I love this little boy. He is a Cameo, which means he is a red and white bicolor with the smoke gene. The deeper red shows up on his longer coat across his back while the white under coat downplays the red across the rest of the coat. Those beautiful green eyes will be replaced by Copper ultimately, for a gorgeous contrast against the white.

He is a happy little guy, and absolutely Gorgeous. To remind you all baby Persian eye pupils track in different directions as babies. Their eye muscles are still strengthening which causes a wandering eye until they mature. Exotic Shorthair coat length.

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