Brave X Towser November 2024

Braveheart is expecting her last litter and will then retire from momhood. This is a repeat breeding due to popular demand, Outback’s Towser Augustus was used as the stud dog. We expect great things from these pups and should have all coat lengths dark and light colored pups.

Tiffany x Pushover Summer 2024

Our runway model Tiffany Blue, has crystal blue eyes, exquisite round features and a short cobby tail. SHe is tiny but proportionate. Crossed with Pushover , we are expecting greatness. These kittens will all be pointed, and should all be Exotic Shorthairs. CFA registered PKD clear, and 1 year health guarantee included.


Peach Pitt and Pushover are betrothed. Pedigrees are strewn both sides with CFA Champions. Hopefully mother nature willing and the days get brighter we will be breeding by FEB. Pushover is a seal point Exotic SHorthair, we are excited to see what colors and quality these 2 will produce. Get on the waitlist for best pick options. Pushover like his name implies can’t help himself but to burst into purrs. Peach Pitt loves everyone, especially people that don’t care for cats. Both are small and sturdy cats, and should produce show quality babies.

Poppyseed x CFA CH Watson

Poppyseed and Pushover are slated for a litter the spring/ early summer of 2024. This will be Pushover’s first season as a dad, and his exceptional quality should produce more of our little would be CFA Champions and domestic Gods and Goddesses. Small but solid and round in every way. Expect deep color, and exceptional coats. We may get some Color Points as Poppy is a Color point carrier. We should have both long coated Persians and short plush Exotic Shorthaired kittens.

Pork Chop X Watson April 2024

Pork Chop and Watson have done it again! We have some beautiful Persian and Exotic Shorthair kittens The kittens are gorgeous shaded kittens, black and white female, Cameo and white male, 2 dilute calico females and a solid white female. A waitlist has been started, email or phone for availability and pricing

Faith X Towser – March 2024

Towser x Faith

Faith and Towser are expecting pups end of March. Towser is the seasoned, ultimate Griffon. Co-Owned with my brother he gets to herd around 15 grandkids, and hunt 60 plus days a year. Easy care properly harsh coat, go all day, and couple down attitude. AUX Lake lineage. Faith daughter of Hall of Fame CH Roughrider’s Prarie Storm, She was born with a fire in the field. Lovely, calm house dog. Waitlist spots available.

Chapel x DEVO – AUGUST 2024

Always with our eye to the sky, we are happy to announce the breeding of Chapel X Devo Devo adds a little France to our lines as well as some high achieving American Bloodlines. Chapel our Runway model of Griffon world has a star studded pedigree fierce prey drive and is an excellent house companion.

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