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Outback’s Bandit

Bandit, classic steel, harsh coat, coupled with a deep brown contrasting head and a white tuft on the end of his tail. He is a dynamic hunter, and very quick, both to point and on recall. He locks up on a dime and is coming along well in our kennel filled with over achievers. Bandit is a co-own with my Nephew and his family, Mitchell Holt. Bandit’s main job is a pet to 3 boys and a girl to play with all under 7 years old. I often like to acquire or keep exceptional puppies in a co-own with people I love and trust, providing an exceptional family life as well as lots of individual hunting experience.

I also own Bandit’s full sister Faith. Bandit was the product of an outcross I had planned for several years. Buddy, AKA, AKC Champion Roughrider’s Prarie Storm is also a AWPGA Hall of Fame dog, and prize winner in every NAVDA Category. I knew I wanted to breed him to my hard hunting Bonzai line, and they came out gold. This was a breeding I would have done again however Buddy was at the end of his breeding career when we produced this litter. Buddy’s mother is Outback’s Braveheart. Brave continues to be our go to Goose dog, she is so pleasant, easy care, obedient, we couldn’t go wrong with this match.

Bandit will accept a few outside dogs for breeding purposes, please email for details. We can collect and ship semen when needed, we can also AI here if needed.

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No upcoming litters at this time
Brown and Steel Roan
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63 lbs
Shoulder Height:
24 inch


Outback’s Bandit


Our own Braveheart, our little goose blind dog. She loves our son Porter, and will do anything he says no matter what. Her dad is an AKC Champion out of Sage Ridge Kennels in Oregon. SHe is from our Bonsai line, absolutely the best hunting dogs with hearts of Gold. Perfectly harsh coat, nice energy, flashy point.


AKC Champion Roughrider’s Prarie Storm

Buddy as he was known was a special kindof dog. Good at everything thing including conformation. Just what I expect and look for. You can have it all Birdy Brainy, and Beautiful. Hall of Fame recipient and AKC Champion!

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