Genetic Lottery Winners, our males!

The future is always in the works

Here at Idaho Outback, we are always looking towards the future.  Our female Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are integral to our ability to produce a consistent, Griffon puppy that exhibits all the health, conformation, temperament, and bird drive we expect.  Because the female gives so much to our program, we are always keeping new up and coming potential females, which enables us to retire our females young.  I have a long waitlist for these choice few retired females, and those that have been recipients have loved their experience with our beloved companions.  

Today I am here to talk about our lesser-known male side of our plans.  I have several co-owns.  These are males that live with people I trust and who believe in our breeding program.  When I have a great, genetic breeding, I preserve my genetic options by partnering with a few local gundog enthusiasts.  It is easier for us to manage 1 resident male, so these lucky male Griffons go live with folks that train, love, house, and hunt with them.  Breeder prospects are just that breeder prospects.  Ultimately the males I choose to add to my program are perfect specimens.  If they are examples of the breed that are conform and beautiful, have a joyous nature, have natural hunting instincts, and are biddable, they are then sent to the Vet clinic for health screening.

CHIC Numbers

Every male will belong to the CHIC program and have a CHIC number.  That alone is not enough for this program, so beyond, hips, elbows, and eye testings, we also screen for thyroid issues, look for any persistent genetic issues including allergies, teeth anomalies, chronic ear infections, or bladder issues.  

The male impacts the greatest number of pups we produce because naturally it is no skin off his nose to father multiple litters in any year.  Thie following pictures are images of BB.  He is a JUSTICE x CHROME dog, now 3.5 years old.  He has passed all the criteria to be worthy of a breeder and will be health tested.  Hopefully you will see BB in the plans for 2025.  

This is Outback’s Whiplash; he is also a co-own a work in progress.  Brave X Butte pup. 

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