Idaho Outback Griffons Beginnings

As an avid hunting family, I quickly felt our hunting dogs lacked family friendly skills that I wanted in our daily house and as field companions. Elliott and I first acquired a wonderful German Shorthair we named Zane, and followed him with a Ryman line English Setter we named Teak. As our family grew so did our hunting experiences and my quest for the perfect hunting dog. We enjoyed owning and training Gordon Setters, a German Wirehaired Pointer, and English Pointers, but settled with Ryman line foot hunting English Setters.

By happenstance we purchased our first Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, 20 plus years ago, and we have never looked back. The 4-wheel drive of the versatile hunting dog world, natural retrievers, stylish pointers, enter water readily, and close working hunting companions. As housemates they love children and are joyful comedians, that have an indoor speed. Healthy and low shed dogs, I would be happy to share our experience and our breeding strategies. I enjoy helping new dog owners or new to the breed folks.

This sweet little boy is my youngest Porter, then 5 years old, with our first female Griffon called Rose.

I combined my career in veterinary medicine and genetics education, with breeding the ultimate WHPG. Collecting gene pools using the best dogs available and keeping only my very best dogs have produced our current puppies that are bred to have it all, Conformation and Health, Temperament, and mad Prey drive. Attention to every detail in raising well adjusted, and brave puppies.

They are exposed to diverse terrain, animals, and people, experiencing water, and wild birds. I quit my day job to work on our small farm and raise your puppies full time.

Elliott and our adult children, enjoy hunting and spend many hours taking our dogs across the country in pursuit of new experiences and the opportunity of a new gundog adventure.

I believe getting a puppy is an interactive endeavor, and incorporate your goals with my experience to guide you to your perfect Griffon. I also think this experience should be fun.

  • I reward continued interest and use our first email date to reorder every litter, regardless of when deposit is received. Once you are ready to “hire” me as your Griffon breeder, you are to send $150 which is intentionally low, a small bit of skin in the game.
  • I will never send it back to you even if you change your mind. It is applied to the purchase price of your Griffon Puppy.
  • As a Golden List Member, I will contact you with breeding plans, confirm pregnancies, and announce births. I take a bio on the main goals of your ideal Griffon to connect you with a family companion, AWPG Hall of Fame Winner, if your devoted, or Show Champion AKC breeder.
Same boy, Porter, nearly 20 now….
Still loving these Griffons.

It is a big commitment to take on your next 15 or so year dog companion.  I love to help people with their quest to find the right match for their family.  Mother Nature is always in charge here.  So immediate gratification is rarely available, but if you have a little patience, and are willing to put forth some effort preparing for a Gun dog puppy you will be rewarded.  If you are reading this article I know you are one of the select folks that are researching your options, and are well informed.  Feel welcome to reach out to me for any questions concerning Wirehaired Pointing Griffons overall.

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