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Early Socialization

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The Balance between Safety and Development

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We all want a confident balanced companion. You hold the keys in your hand, as early socialization is key to this outcome. Let’s discuss your puppies upbringing and where you should go from here.

I expose your puppy to an array of life. The farm is a world full of animals, holes, wood piles, weeds, equipment, noises, squealing children and happy people. Puppy safe for the most part, the puppies are equipped with breakaway collars, and eagle eyes.

The Pack

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Then there is the pack. The puppies learn quickly in the pack. There is the short tempered, quick to correct Auntie, there is the mouthy over playful subadult, there is the indulgent mom, and an ignoring dad. The bottom line is puppies grow in confidence and social skills by interacting with their environment, and other dogs. I do not as a rule rescue your puppy. Here is an example. When I lay a pan of food out the lead male may decide this is his food, particularly if there is something high value in the bowl. The puppy, not knowing rushes the bowl, and is reprimanded for his poor manners, with a growl and a snap, he may connect he may not. Sending the puppy running away, yelping for his dear life. Life lesson…. don’t mess with the big guy. It goes a long way in life. It comes in handy later at the dog park.

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The aggressive biting is quickly corrected teaching the puppy that he is playing too rough. They learn there is a nice way to ask for things. There is a polite way to introduce yourself. A good pack is a safe and fun place. The puppies learn by example good body language.

First Vaccination

The puppies get their first vaccines at the recommended age of 6 weeks old. By the time you get your puppy, per the vaccination’s studies, 99. 3 % of your puppies are effectively protected from Parvo upon exposure to a virulent challenge. They are pretty safe, but there is maternal antibodies that circulate and can in certain immune systems challenge the puppy’s immune response. SOCIALIZATION IS CRITICAL, so this is not an excuse to hide your puppy away in this pivotal time period.

Socialization is Critical

Simple schedule your puppy vaccinations at 3-4 week intervals and expose your puppy to controlled visits with equally vaccinated puppies and completely vaccinated dogs. I challenge you to think of your friends, family, and neighbors with civil dogs. Arrange play dates. If you do not have children find yourself some children to play with your puppy. Bring your puppy to Petco and Lowes and Hobby Lobby. Allow people to introduce themselves in a civilized manner to your puppy. Ask your puppy to be their best self, no jumping or licking or scratching. Give your UPS man some treats to give out. You cannot overdo this stage of development.

Benefits to your Griffon

Griffons are a softer breed of dog, and if not properly socialized that softness can be realized later in life as a distrust of the unknown. It can make them reactive to other dogs. It can make them awkward in body cues and dog etiquette. It can make them untrusting as a rule of strangers, overly protective in some cases.

A properly socialized Griffon is what we all want. The joyous temperament, ready for a jolly game of ball or a ride in a boat. Happy to meet and greet new friends and new animals. You do not have to worry all Griffons have another speed that will always kick in if real danger were to occur. They can sense when a true bad guy is about.

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