Idaho Outback Owner Janet Hawkins

These are the Griffonteers.

Janet is an amateur photographer who lives in picturesque Jackson, Wyoming.  She loves to take wildlife and scenic photos but adores photographing her 3 Musketeers… or as she likes to say Griffonteers.  

Janet contacted me when she already had 2 Griffons, whom she dearly loved.  She expressed an interest in having a really fluffy Griffon. 

Mattie Ross

AT Idaho Outback Griffons, I make it a point to help our clients get their match.  Young 7-week-old Griffons are magical creatures, and my experienced eye will help you meet your dog goals physically and in their spot in your home.  

Janet purchased Mattie Ross from me, she indeed matured with a lot of coat. She was a small puppy for the litter and I knew she would have the coat Janet was hoping for. She also has the sweetest demeanor.


Pepper has been a spitfire and took some real patience to get her through her teenage years, i.e. 10-to-14-month age range.  But Janet calmly called me for some guidance and got advice from me and some help in training from a professional in her area.  Now things are smoothing out nicely.

All Griffons, like people do not have the same personality.  Some like Pepper take more time to mature and need more structure to help them be their best.  Pepper really wanted to engage with her older sisters, and relentlessly worried them. She was trained to be alone and occupy herself. She has turned into a lovely specimen inside and out.  

Janet wanted a coat similar to the Griffon she had previously owned, much tighter than Mattie’s.

The steel, harsh coat has beautiful contrast to the brown head and body marks. Pepper’s parents are Towser and Faith. We have a litter in the works now with her full siblings, contact me for details!

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