Boomer Eddie and now Marley

The story of a misplaced Griffon

This handsome fellow is Marley. I am tipping you off now this story has a happy ending. But there is a lesson here about people and dogs and life to be learned. It is important to understand the needs of any breed of dog you are considering owning. For the most part most of the people that inquire have done quite a bit more investigation than the average would be dog owner. And the original owners of Marley, then Boomer were the same. He was the husband’s dream dog, and seemed perfect on paper.

I am not naïve to understanding life happens, and I did not walk in these folks shoes, so in a nutshell this was a high energy dog that did not fit their expectations. Not one time did these folks reach out to me with questions or issues. So I am here to let my owners know I am that person. I am your advocate, and I can offer solutions and in some rare cases find your Griffon a more suitable home. I have always been a straight talker and maybe that puts people off, but blunt truth is what I am best at, and I am a resource when it comes to working with Griffons.


Back to Boomer, he was at home climbing fences, and not listening at the ripe ol’ age of less than a year old. As I always say Exercise, Obedience, then Love in that order and when this balance is out of whack a young hormone driven, puppy can be quite a handful. In my humble opinion the 10 month to 14 month age span is the most active and impulse driven.

Trouble in Paradise

The owners lost patience and decided to find Boomer a home disregarding calling the breeder, me. Placed a common ad and got what I would consider the kind of response I would expect…. someone who mis-portrayed their situation and understanding of the needs of this little handful. He ended up in a trailer court with a frail older man, who had a 3 foot high bamboo fence in his tiny yard. Boomer, now named Eddie simply hopped the fence and being a social butterfly introduced himself to every trailer in the community. This went on for some 3 weeks.


“Eddie” Got nabbed by the dog police eventually, but by then had captured many of the neighbors attention and affection. He was after all gregarious, fun loving, and people seeking, loved children, dog friendly, and knew commands. So Mary his first Guardian angel was contacted. She went to the shelter sprung him and returned him to older owner.

At 6:30 AM the older neighbor had Eddie in hand thrust him and his paper work at Mary and said he was too much dog for him. She lives also in the park and has 2 small dogs of her own, contacted the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Rescue…. enter Christi Williams.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Rescue

Christi Williams Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Rescue

Now Christi Williams partners with a few other folks and through the paperwork shuffle found my name. We were familiar with one another and she messaged me, saying one of my bred dogs was found in a shelter.

Guardian Angels

Mary and Family

Mary at left and her mother were eagerly awaiting my call. It seems she could only contain Eddie by sitting with him in her yard. She dared not let him go, and could not bring him in the house. I scrambled and thought family…… People that will do whatever it takes for you and she has a heart of Gold and soon proved that in Spades.

Nancy and Eric

Nancy at my house with Justice and Liberty

Meet my Aunt Nancy! She is the best and after a quick surmise of the situation agreed to literally leave that minute to get Eddie, a 2 hour plus drive in LA style traffic. All the while Mary patiently sat in her yard with the big ol oof. Nancy and my cousin Eric sight unseen loaded Eddie into the car, brought him home and made him comfortable.


13 hours away from Rupert

I was busy making contacts calling my short list of folks that are interested in taking on a “used” Griffon. This one, only 1 year old, was only slightly used. I use this term intentionally. Somehow it has become romanticized to get a rescue. It implies I don’t know some higher purpose and I suppose it is. I say every ownership is a higher purpose, rescue or not, it is a challenge to do the best for yourself and your dog. What I do know is each dog comes with some baggage that needs be sorted. It is a puzzle, it takes patience, and can be rewarding and frustrating. Just because you want a rescue does not make you a match, and I worked through several candidates. I had gleaned information and I direct sourced my information from the original owners. They were very helpful and I only wish I could have been consulted prior to this crazy 3 week expedition for this young Griffon.

Back to Idaho

So I contacted my good friend, Rob Stump, who owns a six year old, Outback bred Griffon named Smokey. He seemed to me a match, and then Nancy and Eric jumped in a car and Rob left as well, and they met in the middle. Rob promptly saw some Bob Marley in Boomer / Eddie and he had his forever name Marley.

It is going to take some time but I see great things in Marley’s life. Rob is an active hiker, and enjoys the Griffon antics. Though Smokey has a special place in his heart both Rob and his wife felt they needed another Griffon. They kind of feel like they were needed by Marley too. Rob is an excellent dog trainer and will provide the necessary not so secret ingredients. Exercise, Obedience and Love in that order.

Smokey and Marley

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