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The Golden List

Idaho Outback Griffons

Cost and How to Get on the Golden List:

If you have researched the breed and potential breeders and have decided that you truly want an “Outback” bred Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy and are willing to wait for availability, you can join the Golden Waitlist. Most people are offered puppies within the first 6 months. To join, I require a listing deposit of $250. Checks are accepted, but I do not accept PayPal. On occasion, I may accept Venmo or Zelle. Please contact me before sending any money. If needed, I will limit the number of deposits taken. I will provide you with a realistic timeline before you commit.

Send the checks made and addressed to:
Christy Owen
83 East 700 North, Rupert Idaho 83350.
Make the checks payable to Christy Owen, not Idaho Outback.


Joining the Golden List means hiring me to find your ideal Griffon Puppy. As a Golden List member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will be informed about our breeding plans for the year, including when females are bred, when pregnancy is confirmed, and prior to birth.
  • After the birth of the puppies, I will contact Golden List members with information about the available puppies. I will initially reach out via email, followed by a phone call. Golden List members receive priority over all others, except myself and breeder partners.
  • You will receive weekly updates on the puppies, including individual photos and details about each pup.
  • All Golden List members will fill out requested information to help me identify the physical characteristics, energy level, and potential attributes that match your preferences. I take this responsibility seriously, as if I am setting you up with your perfect match for the next 15 years or so.

The deposit is nonrefundable unless you purchase an Outback bred puppy. This policy aims to create a list of future Griffon owners who are committed to waiting for an Outback bred Griffon. Due to the high volume of inquiries, I spend a lot of time contacting people who have expressed interest in being added to my list but have since changed their minds or circumstances or found a suitable companion elsewhere. My goal is not to collect money from people who change their minds; rather, it is to ask for a small financial commitment that makes people more invested and reduces the paperwork involved in tracking all the names on the list. I always use the original dates of the initial email inquiry to establish the pick orders. Puppies are exclusively placed from this list. The balance of the deposit, $250, will be due after the pups arrive, for a total of $500, and the remaining balance will be due at pickup or puppy delivery. Please contact me via email or phone for specific pricing.

In a Hurry!
Over the past 20-plus years, we have raised exceptional Griffons. If you consider other breeds, our experience goes back much longer. I have always been interested in having well-bred, handsome animals. This project doesn’t happen overnight. It involves meticulous planning, careful thought, preparation, and, of course, financial investment to raise truly outstanding dogs.

Occasionally, I meet people who are in a hurry. They know what they want but may not have the means or time to commit to a quality operation. I am a practical person who believes that if you want something, you should save for it. If you urgently need a dog, consider a more common breed or perhaps adopting one from a shelter.

I genuinely appreciate the consistency of owning a well-bred registered dog. You know what to expect, and there’s a general sense that he or she is your perfect match.

I encourage you to keep your dream alive and find a way to make it a reality!

Please note that I will not issue refunds if you change your mind, but there are no hard feelings. However, past owners of Outback bred puppies will receive a priority pass to the top of any litter, which may result in some fluctuations in the pick order. I consider past buyers as family, knowing they provide good homes and have often waited a while to get their first puppy. While I reserve the right to keep any puppy from any litter, bumping picks if needed, I expect that most people on this list will receive a puppy within a year of placing the deposit, and often much sooner. This is a rolling list, so if you wish for a higher pick, you can let your name roll over to a future litter for a higher pick position.

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