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 Costs Involved and the Art of Flying with Your Wirehaired Griffon Puppy

Costs Involved:

Our puppies are registered with the AKC. We sell AKC registered pups with open or closed contracts as per our discussion. I am happy to send you puppy cost information but prefer you email me for the specifics. I accept deposits once you have decided. $250 is due when added to the Golden list, and the deposit will be applied to the total price of the puppy. I prefer checks, cash, VENMO, or Zelle. Cash will be expected at pick up.

Puppies come with all their current shots, some food, toys, and a blanket when possible. These items are included in the cost of the puppy. Shipping costs are covered entirely by the buyer and are not too expensive.

Options for picking up your puppy:

  1. The first option is to come to our house and pick out your puppy in person. There are no additional costs involved. You will get to meet the parents of the puppies, see our operation, and learn some training skills. It should take about an hour of your time. We are located in Rupert, Idaho.
  2. The second most popular option is flying home with your puppy under the airline seat. I pledge to provide you with a pick-up date within the first week of birth so that you can arrange time off and reasonably priced airfare. The nearest airports to us are SLC Utah or Boise Idaho. You can still personally select your puppy in this option.
  3. The third option is to hire an air nanny who will deliver your puppy to the nearest major airport to your location.
  4. The fourth option is air cargo. This used to be a viable method, but the available flights are now very limited, mostly for distant states like Alaska.
  5. The fifth option is to use a local driver. I can provide you with the contact information of a trusted driver. You will negotiate all fees and arrangements directly with the driver. She has successfully delivered puppies for several local breeders in the Idaho-Utah area. Please note that since this is a separate service, any loss policies should be provided by the service itself in case of any odd or tragic incidents during transport.

So You’re Flying with Your Puppy… Now What?

Hank Schescla

Acquire from me our agreed-upon pick-up date and time, usually assigned shortly after you contact me. Share your flight plan with me so I can potentially adjust our pick-up time to be as convenient as possible for you. You will want to fly into Boise, Idaho, or Salt Lake City, Utah, as they are equidistant from our farm. Smaller, closer airports do not allow pets under the seat.

Our farm is less than a 3-hour drive from either of these airports, and rental cars are available. Pick up your puppies on-site, and there will be no additional costs from me. The puppies will come with a Vet Check, Vaccines, and a health guarantee. Flying with your pups is an option that allows you to see our operation, meet the parents, and often choose your puppy in person. I can also offer advice on accommodations, sights, and food establishments. Remember to bring your puppy carrier.

The costs involved include your personal ticket, a fee for your puppy (usually $100-$125), adding your puppy to the return flight to secure their spot, an under-seat puppy carrier (get the largest approved carrier), and rental car expenses. We will handle your paperwork. When flying into Canada, an International health certificate is required, which will be an additional $115, as per my last check. I can consider bringing your puppy to the SLC airport to meet you there, but please understand that I am very busy during that time. If you prefer an online pick, I can assist you in finding the perfect match. For bringing the pup to the airport, I charge an extra $150 as a fuel delivery fee. You will still need a carrier, and we will need to coordinate your arrival with my schedule.

Flying with Puppies is an Art

Jezzy Olson

Most airlines allow pets to be placed under your personal seat with an approved duffle-style carrier. However, United Airlines is an exception and only accepts 4-month-old puppies for under-seat travel. Please do not book with United if you have a 4-month-old Griffon, as they will not fit. Each airline has its own policies and charges, which you can check for any restrictions. Your puppy is not a restricted breed like a Brussels Griffon due to their brachiocephalic air passages. The airlines will have age restrictions stated in their rules, usually between 8 to 10 weeks of age. No airlines currently require a health certificate for under-seat travel. Therefore, you are at liberty to provide the information the agent needs to hear, regardless of the age of your puppy. For example, a 10-week-old Griffon puppy will not fit in an under-seat carrier, but an 8-week-old Griffon puppy fits perfectly. Generally, airline staff are wonderful, and I have only had pleasant experiences with them.

To those flying with their puppies, it’s advisable to have layers of paper towel in the bottom of the soft-sided kennel. The kennel should meet airline requirements and be soft-sided to allow your pup the most space. If the puppy eliminates in an inappropriate place, simply find the nearest garbage can and dispose of the soiled mess. It’s best not to feed them for at least 6 hours before the flight. It’s better to feed them a little kibble on the plane to prevent vomiting undigested kibble. This will also keep them occupied during the flight. Have extra paper towels to reload or have a deep layer that allows you to throw away top layers, as there is usually only one accident per trip. If you let the puppy out, they will likely pee, so be ready with a paper towel. When possible, find a quiet corner during layovers for the puppy to relieve themselves. A ball of newspaper can be an excellent toy to keep them entertained. They will chase it for hours, and you can simply dispose of it when no longer needed. A tired puppy is a good traveling puppy. When the puppy is under the seat and unhappy, occupy them with chew toys, ice chips, and some kibble, alternating to prevent boredom and encourage sleep. Avoid having a lot of carry-on items as your hands will be busy, so try to have everything tucked in the kennel. Remember that it is not allowed to have the puppy in your lap during the flight, and you will be asked to take your puppy out of the carrier during the security check.

ZAC Brown

The pet restrooms provided at the airport are the most unpleasant thing I have ever experienced. If possible, avoid using them and clean up any mess with wet wipes instead.

The Second Option is Flying a Puppy with an Air Nanny

There are more and more companies offering this service, and I am willing to use any company you hire, at your own risk. Please thoroughly check them out. Typically, they have a flat fee for having me deliver the pup to the airport, which will be an additional $150 delivery cost owed to me. They usually provide their own carrier and do not require an official health certificate, which would cost you more.

I have several college-age and young adults who have delivered many of our Griffon puppies to clients’ nearest major airports. These are usually my family members who are familiar with the care and treatment of a Griffon puppy. It can relieve the pressure of flying yourself, especially for those who can’t spend two days in the air, while ensuring that your puppy is in great hands.

We can only accommodate a few clients for this service, so it’s best to book early with me. We will look for the nearest major airport to you and find the best flights for the puppy without long layovers. We will send you the price of the human’s ticket as well as the cost of the puppy’s passage. Tickets will be paid for by the customer ahead of travel, and the earlier we book, the cheaper the flights will be. My children will collect your pup from my house and use one of my carriers, bringing all the necessary paperwork. They have their own expenses, including fuel, parking, food, and their time. We ask our clients to cover the tickets and give the courier an additional $500 for their time and effort.

Rules for air travel with pets are constantly changing. COVID has affected cargo rules, and most airlines have adjusted their policies regarding animals in cargo. Cargo flights are now nearly impossible, but I can still explore that possibility for you, especially for destinations like Alaska. Previously, I used to ship pups this way every year, but now it’s very rare. There are only a couple of airlines that still accept pets as cargo unless you are military. I will only consider non-stop flights or, if necessary, a one-stop flight. Puppies must be at least 9 weeks old.

It may seem a little daunting, so let me check into it for you. Your costs will include air freight, which used to range between $275 and $575, but I haven’t been able to make it work for some time. You will also need to send me an airline-approved crate via Amazon ahead of time, including the required food and water bowls. If necessary, I can drill holes in the crate, and I will obtain the required health certificates from our veterinarian. The cost of the crate is usually over $100, depending on the size (medium or intermediate is usually sufficient), and the health certificate is $115. Your puppy will need to be at least 9.5 weeks old, or older depending on airline regulations. I charge $150 to transport the puppy and ensure their safe passage onto the air cargo.

I will take care of all the logistics, and you just need to pay for shipping and collect your puppy at the air cargo facility near you.

3rd Option is Pet delivery Service:

Again this is becoming a real option since air cargo has become much more limited. This option would work specifically for West Coast, or Central States Deliveries. Don’t get me wrong, these drivers are willing to deliver to the Eastern Coast, just the expense is far greater due to fuel costs and tolls. I have an excellent local resource. She is excellent with the puppies, bonded, and proven. I am happy to get you a quote for delivery to your doorstep. You can also hire your own driver. As a note, I connect you to the service, but all payments and liability are between the carrier and the buyer of said puppy.

Staying Near Rupert for a Day? Places Worth Visiting

Rupert has a charming city square, but there isn’t much shopping unless you’re a quilter. Nonetheless, the atmosphere is nice, and the area is safe. The food options are decent.


  • Henry’s Drift Inn is the only place to stay in Historic Rupert, literally the only place, remodeled and full of character. It’s just a 15-minute drive from our place. It is not dog-friendly, but you can leave your puppy at my place and pick your charge up on your way out of town, washed, blow dried, fed and tired. Many people pick out their puppy the evening before and start their journey early the next day, collecting their puppy on the way home. You can find more information at or call 208-436-1300.
  • Best Western in Burley, Idaho, is roughly 30 minutes from our place. It is dog-friendly. You can contact them at 208-678-3501 or 1-800-780-7234. The address is 800 N Overland Avenue, Burley, Idaho 83318.
  • Burley Idaho has many hotel options.
  • Camping? Contact the Park Address: 959 E Minidoka Dam Rupert, ID 83350 Phone: (208) 436-1258 Lake Walcott has a great disc golf course, awesome fishing opportunities, a canopied park perfect for group activities and a variety of campsites. Campers can set up primitive sites along the water’s edge. Several group camp sites for tent camping are also available as are fully serviced campsites and cabins. Located on the edge of Idaho’s high desert, Lake Walcott offers a welcome refuge for water and wildlife lovers. Picnickers will love the grassy, shaded day-use area and disc golfers come from all over to play the world-class 21-hole course. The park is a great base from which to explore the Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge, which offers some of the best birding in southern Idaho.
  • For breakfast, Chatter Box on the Rupert Square is a great option. If you prefer sandwiches, E Street Deli Sandwiches at 542 E St, Rupert, ID is recommended. Doc’s Pizza is also on the Rupert Square, best Pizza for miles. You can also enjoy a steak at The Drift Inn, which is located below your room.
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