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So You Are Last Pick

Idaho Outback Griffons

So, your last pick… The words of actual owners. I promise you that the puppy you get is meant for you! Here are my own thoughts on last pick. I am the pickiest person I know when it comes to dogs. Coming from the perspective of a dog breeder, my criteria are different from yours. It just is. The first thing I establish is that the physical characteristics are in line with my goals for using the dog as a potential breeder. Beyond that, I focus on the pedigree and the actual look of the adult parents of the puppy. I have done all that for you. Our breeding dogs have stellar health and are optimal companions and avid hunting partners. In my opinion, first pick is just as likely to be a perfect dog as last pick.

Scout Dalhausser

Our Mabel(Scout) was the last pick. Twister/Chrome 2014. I remember wanting a fluffy puppy, figuring that wouldn’t happen as the last pick, and in the end Christy emailed me saying, “you got your furry face!” I’ll never forget it. She was the fluffiest puppy in the litter. We always felt the last pick was fate cause we didn’t have a choice. Mabel is the light of our lives and my very best friend. Couldn’t imagine life without her!

~ Maria Dalhausser

Jethro Fluff Reed

Picking a dog from a litter of pups can be a daunting task, but sometimes fate intervenes and makes the decision for you. That was the case for us when we stumbled upon Jethro Fluff, the last pup in the Promise and Max litter. Little did I know at the time, but not really having a choice would be the best thing to ever happen to us.

As Laura will tell you, I had been searching for a griff for over ten years, but the timing was never right with us changing jobs and moving every three or four years. I didn’t want to put a dog through all of that. However, I never stopped searching the internet for breeders and would constantly watch YouTube videos about griffs, anticipating the day that we could have our own. One day while casually searching for griffs, I came across Idaho Outback Griffons. “Click.” There I saw the list of pups from the Promise and Max litter, each one cuter than the other. I had originally called Christy inquiring about Luna, but she said Luna was spoken for but Jethro Fluff was still available. I immediately called Laura at work and blurted out, “Griff pup…named Jethro…let’s get him!!!!” After repeating to her what I said, this time much slower and more clearly, she hesitated to respond. I interrupted with a childlike, “Pleeeassse?!” She relented. I called Christy back and told her that Jethro Fluff was coming to Montana.

When we arrived at Christy’s home, we were greeted by what felt like 20 griffs, several adults, and two pups, Moses and Jethro. I remember thinking, when I die I hope this is what the afterlife is like. When I saw Jethro through the gaggled haze of wire hair, beards, and commotion my heart exploded. I couldn’t believe he was my pup. After some paperwork and a nice orientation to the griff life from Christy, we headed North. The entire drive home I kept looking in my rearview mirror in hopes of catching a glimpse of his cuteness.

Over these past 20 months, we have realized that Jethro is more than just a cute face. He is smart, affectionate, and has an incredible zest for life. He loves to play and explore but also has a calm and gentle nature that makes him the perfect companion for lazy afternoons on the couch.

Over time, Jethro has become more than just a pet – he is a true partner in life. We go on countless adventures together, from hiking in the mountains to exploring new rivers and camping. His unwavering loyalty and unconditional love never fail to lift my spirits and bring joy to my life.

But Jethro isn’t just a source of happiness for us – he also brings joy to countless others. His muppet-like features, silly antics, and friendly demeanor make him a favorite among friends as well as strangers. You can’t look at him and not smile and when I tell people his name, “Jethro Fluff,” or sometimes, “J. Fluff Attorney at Law,” we get laughs. I can’t imagine my life without Jethro. He brings me more happiness, love, and fulfillment than I ever could have imagined, and I will be forever grateful that he was the last available pup.

~ Brian Reed

Sage Gillihan

Well I was the second to last pick of the females and I still got the one I wanted from the start and in my opinion the pick of the litter. But it was nerve racking hoping she would still be there!

~ Wylie Gillihan

Murphy Hanauer

We were the second to the last male pick. We were so excited about getting a pup and wondered which we would end up with. My daughter has a large chalkboard in her room and we would play out different scenarios there. I created group emails asking people who they were going to take. It was crazy because we were traveling thousands of miles and had no idea who we were going to get. I remember what you said, you would end up with who you were supposed to have. I believe that came true.

~ Jason Hanauer

Hazel Gates

We were third on the list for Hazel- We wanted and got Meadow. We had our second and third pick charted out too- of course- but being new to the breed- and new to breeders, trusted what you said and got my sweet, crazy, rambunctious girl. There was only one other person there to pick up- so not a lot of pressure. We had first pick our next go round, I went back and forth over two males. (Hazel can be bossy with our boys, so we decided that another girl wasn’t in the picture). Really- back and forth. I emailed you with questions and asked for more photos- which probably drove you crazy- but imagine making a choice from photos about personality. That choice was a tough one. We loved meeting everyone and didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings when we picked- and everyone was waiting for us to choose. Still, it boiled down to Brink or Bullet. It was a hot day and all the puppies were hot and mellow- I chose Brink. Happily, I got the mellow Archie. Which was lucky, because Hazel can be a handful and we didn’t want to rock her boat- or his.

Today, our two grifts are thick as thieves- and still- Hazel is our tough nut- and our lovely greeting committee. She is brave and adventurous- and owns everyone she leans on! Archie is our quiet lover. A good chin scratching endears him to any human- and with two, I get all the bedtime cuddles and hand holding I could have hoped for! What an amazing breed. We’ve had a beagle and labs and never imagined that this breed would steal us sweetly away from them. didn’t last. We still kennel Archie- just now one year old. Both like the kennel and take breaks there- so we figure it’s a safe place and and our furniture and carpet thank us. I also kennel the dogs in my car. I feel they are safer there- though, if they ride up front, Hazel likes holding hands on the console. I’m home with them or take them with me most all the time. Sometimes Hazel likes to stay home- but Archie is my constant companion. If you need to spend long hours apart, I would say this might not be the dog for you.

~ Joy Gates

Steens Karl

I went in to it with the expectation of being last, so it was easy…right up until I temporarily moved into the second to last spot. Suddenly, we were watching every development of the pups…and who was going where… with a totally different eye. It became somewhat excruciating, though completely self-inflicted. In the end, I convinced myself that it wouldn’t matter, and that I would have an equal chance of ending up with a great dog. It took a lot of effort, because I don’t give up self-control of my destiny easily!

But now I’m sitting here with this 4 1/2 month old pup laying at my feet while I write this, and I can’t imagine that it should have been any other way. I’m 100% convinced that Steens is the most handsome, attentive, intelligent and caring dog of them all (just as all of the rest of the families feel about theirs, I’m sure :-). And the description of his character is almost comically accurate. He never strays far from Dad, he’s constantly getting into mischief and he KNOWS its mischief, he’s friendly to everyone, he is crazed by towels, chews on everything, has an insatiable need for anything that’s been worn on a human foot,etc. And the bird instincts are just nutty; so impressive. Now if we could just get him to stop the incessant “I’m alone!” barking…we’d have reached Nirvana!

~ Jon Martin Karl

Chester & Rebel Storey

I was the last pick male for the same litter as Jason. He was so focused and got the entire litter owners together on email. Then Susan Kadets started the Facebook page and we were off and running from there! I was obsessed with the dogs. Once, I emailed Christy assuming as my last pick I would get the smallest dog, Judge, now Chester. I think she laughed for a long time. I didn’t have it as bad as the others who actually HAD to make a decision…I didn’t know who I was getting until I was 20 miles away and Christy called me a little surprised that I was getting Rupert (now Rascal). I still have pictures of the whole litter on my computer.

I don’t think there is a “bad” pick…these dogs are the greatest and certainly seem to attract the greatest owners! Fast forward one year, and I have Rascal’s half sister, Cheer, now known as Rebel. The two bonded from day one and it has not stopped. Totally different personalities…but also exactly alike! What’s up with that??? I would not change a thing. It was a lot harder having to make a choice with Rebel, but I wanted her from the first picture and I got her. I was third pick for females. Christy was first, and another previous owner was second. I almost lost her to Christy (we might have had to arm wrestle!) but it all worked out. Have that litter’s pictures, too.

~ Sheryl Storey

Copper Foote

Our family also watched the puppies weekly discussing which puppy we would love to have in our family. My husband was really concerned about looking for the best “hunting” puppy. He wanted a big, birdy dog. As for the rest of our family we wanted “cute!” Going into the pick day we had our eyes on a couple different dogs…larger puppies at that time…”Boone” now Copper chose us! He looked my husband in his eyes and was very attentive. Their connection that day made our decision. He was not a big puppy but is now a 70 pound big, beautiful dog. We are so happy that he is apart of our family!

These dogs are extremely smart. They want to be with you at all times no matter what. They would not be happy with a family that did not have time to spend with them. I take Copper on two hour long walks daily when not hunting. Boundaries are a must. When Copper is not hunting and is on a walk with us we use a pinch collar correctly and he is the best behaved dog! Obedience is a must…they are too big of dog to not teach them how to behave and set boundaries. They are very mouthy and no toy survives…We have found that Himalayan Dog Chew bones(made of Yak milk) are key to their destructive chewing. These do not make the dogs sick, they do not smell! They are a little expensive but so is your furniture. We also have a large outdoor kennel and run that we put Copper in when we leave the house for his protection. We use to leave him in the kitchen but he is an escape artist and knows how to open doors.

~ Kim Niedenfuer Foote

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