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The Picking Process

Idaho Outback Griffons

Here at Idaho Outback, I value long-time interest rather than the order of deposit. Regardless of when a deposit is received, I prioritize every litter based on the original email date. This means that if you showed interest in the breed and contacted me about my kennel three years ago, I will refer to that email date if you decide to join my Golden Waitlist. I believe that well-thought-out decisions are usually in the best interest of both the dog and the family. Timing is as important as finding the perfect breeding. That’s one of the reasons why I chose to breed Griffons full-time. I wanted to offer well-bred, socialized puppies in a timely manner, avoiding a long waiting period. We’re not about instant gratification; we’re about planning. Once you join the waitlist, you can expect to be offered a puppy within six months, sometimes less and sometimes more.

Once you’re on the Golden List and a litter is born, you will be offered a pick position in that litter or a combination of litters if two are to be grouped together due to a close birth date. You will be asked to select a gender, and you will know the exact number of puppies available for selection and which parents are involved. If you prefer, you can pass on a litter and wait for a higher pick order, a more convenient time, or a different breeding without any penalty. Deposits are forfeited after five years.

We choose your puppy on the pick-up day to allow for a better assessment of their physical characteristics. I am amazed when I see other breeders selecting puppies at a younger age. I prefer to observe the development of their mouth, coat length, personality variations, size, and more. We always schedule pick-up weekend nearest to when the puppies turn 49 days old. This age is ideal as they are still courageous, their mothers have grown tired of them, and they have had ample opportunities for exploration on their puppy feet.

If you have the opportunity to visit us in person, we will present all the available choices for you to review. I will assist you in understanding coat lengths, size differences, nuances in personalities, drives, coloring, patching, and parentage. You will have seen these puppies weekly through pictures as well. They will be wearing colored collars, but once you are here, they will look very similar. I encourage you all to look and dream, but believe that within the bloodlines, there are no bad puppies. The wirehaired pointing Griffons have remarkably consistent personalities—neither too hard nor too soft, always loving their families and possessing an ingrained prey drive.

For remote picks, we will discuss your ideal Griffon type, and I will act as your eyes here. I will provide suggestions and fill in the gaps. We will arrange a phone call for your pick-out, either at the designated time or the evening before, allowing for additional picks as needed based on your specific pick order.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you are the 5th pick for a male, and there are 10 males to choose from. I will call you and ask if you are ready to make your selection from the litter. At that point, you will have six males to choose from. Your pick-up date will be on August 18th at 10 AM. Alternatively, we can arrange for a remote pick-out if necessary. I will wait for your response, make adjustments as needed, and then move down the list.

The process is not as complicated as it may seem. It’s always a mix of excitement and worry because you may still think you might make a wrong choice. But rest assured, you will not.

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Picking a Puppy

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