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Males are generally bigger physically, up to 2 inches taller at the shoulder than the tallest allowed female. They, as a whole, benefit from testosterone, which I believe makes them have slightly bigger movements and perhaps a little more independence. They may also be less reactive to new stimuli. An example I commonly use is when we have visitors; the females tend to worry a bit more, a bit sooner, and for a bit longer, while the males wait for a call to duty.

Females may listen a little quicker, but both genders are gentle and develop slowly. As a general rule, females may respond to a lighter touch than males. Females squat to pee instead of marking territory. Both should always respect the house rules.

Some dog breeds have distinct personality or ability differences specific to their gender. I would say Griffons don’t have such marked differences. Both genders are programmed with crazy prey drives. The breed is famous for their companionable nature and close working habits, which do not change regardless of gender. Both are extreme physical athletes. Griffons, as a rule, are “get along dogs” — male or female, intact or not — bred to work together in a hunting situation. If you are in doubt, visit with me; each puppy has their unique personality, which tends to be more humorous than serious.

There is a bias that some folks have based on their experiences, and you probably already know which gender you prefer. For the rest of you, I encourage open-mindedness. You will have more puppy options available if you are not necessarily committed to one gender or the other. You don’t have to commit to a specific gender until the puppies are born and you have all possible options. Those are the folks I put either gender, maybe with a preference noted.

One last thought: if this is your second or third or more dog… I love having alternate genders when possible, particularly with dogs of similar age and size. For example, if you have a 2-year-old male Dalmatian, I would suggest a female. If you have a 13-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, it won’t matter because the Yorkie will hate either gender. It’s about competing for the same spot in your household pack. The worst combination is usually two females of similar age and size. However, I own 5 females of the same breed, and for the most part, we have an orderly pack. I have only had trouble when I raised 2 pups of the same age, which is a recipe for later trouble.

Two males, particularly neutered, usually work fabulously as well. Two females can work, I just prefer an age span when possible. I think packs like mine are a bit different. They do well with a strong pack leader, Elliott, and me. I still prefer fewer males when we are breeding because it increases the anxiety, and I like PEACE. Faith and her Granddad Bonsai.

Faith and her Granddad Bonsai
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