61 CFA Persian & Exotic Shorthair Colors

MYLYON Kitten Color cheat sheet


Everyone sees the classic Persian in every print ad and commercial. They are often a solid white or a Chinchilla, a white cat with silver tips and green eyes. I love a white Exotic Shorthair or Persian and our own CFA Champion Watson is a solid white copper eyed beauty. Still, that leaves 59 other shades to appreciate. I love them all and have never been content specializing in certain colors. So, I prepared an article chuck filled with examples and short descriptions of MYLYON owned or bred Persian cats and kittens of all colors.

Keep in mind I don’t raise every color accepted by CFA. MYLYON is a small, cage free cattery that raises kittens underfoot. But I believe you may see colors you may love here. So jump over to the Cat category on this blog and touch the related articles, then follow your fingers to “Persian and Exotic Shorthair colors”. All of these photos are my property and owned or bred by me or are owned by my good friend and fellow cat breeder Greg from Kitten Chaos Cattery in Minneapolis.


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