Persian and Exotic Shorthair Kittens of Idaho 2024

MYLYON Breeding plans 2024

Calico Persian

As the days grow longer our queens begin to cycle for the year. Rested and ready we will be planning 4 litters for spring and early summer. Mother Nature is in charge here, so our timeline is an estimate only. If you are excited for a special kitten, I would encourage you to watch my blog for news, and consider getting on the MYLYON Waitlist. The waitlist members have first option on our kittens once we establish coat length, color, quality and gender.

Pork Chop X Watson

Pork Chop is beginning to cycle now. I expect she will be bred before the end of JAN. This is your chance for a solid white kitten, unless plans change this will be the only litter of kittens we use our CFA, White, Champion Tom Cat, Watson. This is also the only Bi-color, shaded or smoke kittens that will be produced from these 4 breedings. Both Exotic Shorthair and Persian kittens should be produced. Kittens should be out the door May/ June

Poppyseed X Pushover

You will get to see Pushover kittens quite a lot this summer. He is our new little hotshot from Kitten Chaos. I suspect Poppyseed will be bred sooner than later. We expect both Exotic Shorthair and Persian coat lengths, and solid, colored kittens, including Blue, Black, Cream, and Red, and Tortoiseshell females. It is likely we will have color point kittens as well, as Poppyseed is the daughter of our dilute tortie point, Tiffany.

Peach Pitt X Pushover

We should get some showstoppers in this litter. Both extreme, show quality parents will have 100% Exotic Shorthair Kittens, i.e. short plush coats. Solid colors are expected, and these kittens will be Color Point Carriers, but not actual color pointed cats. Kittens expected around June

Tiffany Blue X Pushover

This is the reason I brought Pushover into the MYLYON Cattery. Tiffany is exquisite, and has produced some of our best kittens. This breeding will produce 100% pointed kittens, which will all be the short plush Exotic Shorthairs. We already have 2 show kittens spoken for from this potential litter. Tiffany does not have big litters so there may be little availability.

MYLYON Specializes in matching you to your dream kitten.

If you are particular, why not get exactly the kitten you want. Long or short coated, a certain color, a certain gender, and a certain quality. Whether your goal is to have a CFA Champion or a healthy, long lived companion. I am focused on producing excellence. Send me an email, or give me a call, I will provide pricing and info as requested.


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