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Peach Pitt X Watson

MYLYON”S Peach Pitt

Peach Pitt is your typical gregarious red ESH. She loves a good rub and rewards with a lusty purr. Copper eyes to die for. I breed for those deep dark eye color.

Peach is Red the dilute to red is Cream, both mom and dad have to carry a copy of a dilute to produce a dilute color like cream or blue. Watson is not a dilute carrier, so we still dont know if Peach carries a dilute gene.

We do know that every time Watson votes for white, that color supersedes any color the Peach put in the mix. Sometimes there are a few hairs at the back of the head that will tell you what color that cat is under all that white fur.


CH Kitten Chaos Say What? of MYLYON

Watson is solid white, but we have been able to discern that he is Black and white under that blanket of white. Peach and Watson’s kittens should arrive in April. Please contact me to see for details, the waitlist, and pricing. You should be able to take these kittens to show world, or have a fabulous house cat either one.

Past Kittens of Peach pitt and Watson

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