Poppy Seed X Watson

MYLYON”S Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed is an exquisite CFA Exotic Longhair, or Persian. FUN FACT: CFA or the Cat Fanciers Association, recognizes Exotic Longhairs as a class of their own. They can be bred to CFA registered Persians, and Exotic Shorthairs and all kittens are registerable, as an Exotic pending coat length. Persian and Exotic Longhair cats have the exact same requirements in the CFA regulations.

Poppy Seed is a Tortoiseshell and has been bred to our solid white CFA Champion Watson. Watson is white which genetically covers a black and white cat. They have produced 1 litter of beautiful Exotic Longhair kittens. This litter will have lots of colors possibly, calico red, cream, Black, blue in both solids or with white, as well as solid white kittens all of which will have long luxurious coats.

CH Kitten Chaos Say What? of MYLYON

CFA Champion Watson

Watson had his Championship before the age of 1 and would have been a Grand Champion except for timing. Fun Fact : White show cats are taught to drink from a dripper bottle so they do not stain their chin or chest with water. Keeping a white fit for show is quite the challenge.

I enjoy a white Persian and am very fussy with their maintenance. I clean faces everyday, and usually put a comb through the coat every day as well. Watson drinks like a normal cat these days. He is still gorgeous as are his kittens.

Past kittens of Poppy and Watson

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