Pork Chop X Watson March

MYLYON’s Pork Chop

Shaded Blue Cream Exotic Shorthair Queen

If you look at the prominent cheek pads on this cat you will see how she earned her name Pork Chop. She is so unique, the minute she was born I knew I was keeping her. She inherited the Silver under coat from my gorgeous, now retired Smoke male “H”.

If you are after a shaded kitten either smoke or cameo, this is the only female that produces those colors.

CH Kitten Chaos “Say What?” of MYLYON

CFA Champion Watson ELH IE Persian

Watson is the best, he is a sweet Tom Cat. Always greets people and the ladies happily. He produces both, solid white kittens, both copper eyed and odd eyed on occasion, and bi-colored kittens. Always have exquisite conformation and color. His pedigree is CFA Champion studded.

He was bred to Pork Chop about 6 weeks ago, so we will be looking for a litter this month or next. Keep checking in for updates here, to see the babies from birth on.

PAST Pork Chop X Watson Kittens

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