Pork Chop X Watson

The Desert Bar turns 6 weeks

AT 6 weeks old they are now running amuck through the kitchen and living room. They are pretty much great little users of the potty pan. They are eating kitten kibble and some wet food everyday. They are very social, get groomed everyday and a general cleanup whether it is the eyes or a little bum bath. They are still nursing steadily but Pork Chop will ask them to stop soon. Growing and will soon go for first Veterinary Visit.

SUNDAE Persian Female Kitten

Sundae Perfectly Persian shaded dilute calico female

Sundae is the only Persian or CFA Exotic Longhair in the litter. She is a dilute calico who will have deep copper eyes at maturity. She is possibly the most correct of the litter with lovely round eyes a tiny nose and dainty ears. SHe is shaded so her coat will sparkle with a pure white undercoat. She is darling, and is often at our feet asking in a perfectly Persian way to be picked up. As of today available

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty is a copper eyed, shaded Tabby and white Exotic Shorthair female. She is quite adventurous, and strolls about the place as if she was more than 6 weeks old. Ready in roughly 3-4 weeks she is growing well and getting her first vaccines soon. She and her siblings all come with a 1 year genetic health guarantee. As of today available

Smores female Exotic

This is Smores she is a classic calico with a twist she is shaded and it makes her coat a little smoky. She is going to be stunning. She loves to play and finds her way into your lap quite often. The Exotic Shorthair coat is so nice luxurious but still easy maintenance.

As of today available.

Soda female Exotic Shorthair

Soda is a social butterfly, literally flittering from person to person and feather to ball. She is absolutely a fun baby and is headed to be a little sister to another MYLYON bred kitten. Super fun for them all.

Creamsicle male exotic shorthair

Creamsicle is a male cameo and white, he is a handsome little cuss, everyone wanted this kitten, and he is going to live with a MYLYON bred male named Elvis. They should make quite a team. Cameo is an unusual because it is a shaded or smoke ie white undercoat. His eyes are turning and will be deep copper at maturity.

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