Porkchop X Watson 8 weeks

A Persian and Exotic Shorthair still AVAILABLE

Call or email for details and pricing on these 2 kittens. ExoticsandPersians@christy


Sundae Persian Female, shaded dilute calico

Sundae is a shaded dilute calico. She has the black eye liner thanks to the silver gene, her now green eyes will turn copper penny color. She already has a luxurious coat and will undoubtedly have her CFA Champion dad’s voluminous coat. She is darling and walks right up to you, demands some love, flits here and there. She will be ready to go in about 2 weeks.


Peppermint is a female, shaded tabby and white Exotic Shorthair. She is sassy and loves the kids to play with her toys and climb all over them. She has a little purring motor going most the time. Again the silver gene gives the black lined eyes, which are already pretty copper orbs. The silver under coat on tabbies always makes adult glisten. Give me a call or email for pricing and information

Smore Pending

SMore is a female shaded Calico Exotic Shorthair. A favorite with our Grandchildren, she was dressed as a baby, and loved every minute of it. She like all my kittens has been raised underfoot held from birth on. We will know for sure if she is available by 5-9.

Soda and Creme Sickle are spoken for!

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