Faith X Towser (6 Weeks)

The Breakfast Club

AKC registered Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies bred by Idaho Outback Griffons. This is Cream one of our female 6-week-old puppies. At this stage they are eating puppy kibble full force, and still snatching from mom if she let’s them. Exploring is the name of the game. These pups are everywhere, on a 1/2 acre or so to explore.


Cream is a solid female tight coat. Nice tail set, enthusiastic and easy to photograph! She is has a lower canine that is tipping in and will go home with a rubber ball to push that adult tooth into place. It is called Ball therapy. It is fairly common in Griffons for the lower jaw to be a little slow to grow which allows this to happen. Perfect in all ways at vet check.


Coffee female tight coat

AKC registered Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppy Coffee has a black collar, and a tight coat as all 3 females. She is a sweetheart and finds her way into the house quite often though the weather is now perfect puppy weather. The puppies stay together at night in an open vari kennel. It gets them used to sleeping there but still allows them to use the potty as needed. Momma and Grandma co raise these pups, since Grandma had a false pregnancy, she truly believes these are hers.


Cocoa is an athletic little thing. Chestnut head and a tight coat. She is personable and lots of sniffing around kindof gal. She as all the pups checked out perfectly at the vet appointment but will also go home with a ball to push one of her bottom canines out. There is an article on ball therapy here under health of Griffons and a good read for everyone.

Bear Claw

Bear Claw is notable this time being the only pup sporting a medium fluff coat! Not normal usually we get an even distribution in every litter. He is a handsome guy and looks pretty proud of that coat of his. Happy fellow nice even temperament.

Parasites and your Griffon

Round worms are part of life on a farm. And in fact parasites are a part of all mammals body. There is a balance or symbiotic between these invaders and their host. in this case a dog. Meaning they can live together when the mammal has a good immune system. The round worm produces eggs which then seat or encyst themselves into the fat of the mammary. These eggs lay dormant untouched by worming medications due to the lack of a blood supply to that area. Once milk comes and nursing begins, they are washed into the puppy’s system, then game on. The round worm flourishes and begins attaching and feeding from the intestines.It takes only 10 days from egg to larva to worm. The wormer works only on worms not on larva or the eggs. Your puppies have been wormed for Round worms and others since the age of 2 weeks.


Benedict turns out to be one of my favorites. He is a sweet boy tight coat. He likes to take his time and explore more civilly than his siblings. Sometimes Griffons seem a little stoic as puppies go. Perfect health. The pups below are Benedict and Coffee, they look a lot alike, as do Mom and Grandma Brave and Faith.


The farm life is in fact wonderful for your puppy. Your Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy is allowed so much freedom to learn and develop skills. Due to this fact he is exposed to the environment and can pick up parasites. It is a small price to pay for this balanced and brave puppy you are acquiring.

Buckwheat has a medium tight coat outgoing, happy, moderate. WHat a fun litter!


Balanced and Brave

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