Getting ready for your Griffon Puppy.

Grooming tools, toys, kennels, collars

Your puppy leaves here with a sample bag of food, we will discuss this later, and a soft toy that smells like home. You will also have a health contract, vaccination record card, and registration paperwork. I will spend time with each family not only picking out your puppy, but also sharing Griffon Puppy raising tips, grooming, introducing the adult dogs, and a whirlwind of information. That is also provided on this Web page.

For those driving to pick up your puppy. I suggest purchasing a small, cat sized collar, from the dollar store is fine. One that has a buckle or a hole. The collar your puppy wears here is breakaway for safety purposes. A leash would be an excellent idea as well. As for a kennel, that is up to you. Some folks try to travel with their puppy in a kennel and often hear mournful cries. They travel quite well on the seat or floor, just bring a puppy pad or 2 and a blankie. Toys are great and will help distract your little charge. At first, they don’t know they can destroy soft toys and they love them. Avoid rawhides, really forever, unless they are the 99% digestible dental chews, the other rawhides soaked in formaldehyde to be preserved forever whether they are inside your dog’s gut or out.

Chapel X Bandit, 4 week old Male Griffon Puppies

KONG Style Toys

I love these Kong type toys. They are indestructible and can be used to really wear the little fellow out. Who doesn’t love a merry game of chase the ball? The one’s that are big on one side and small on the other take big bounces in wild unpredictable ways which makes them love them more.

The ones with holes are great for teaching about retrieving or filling for a treat while in the kennel. I like to have special toys they only get while in their kennel to establish how great that thing is. But you also should treat every time they get put in the kennel at home. It really makes it a wonderful place to be.

Raised Beds

I like a bed, a place the puppy will be sent to when he is just getting into trouble if not in his kennel. Many folks love the raised one’s that are more like a trampoline mat. They are not “unstuffable”.

Grooming Tools

The grooming tools you should purchase are first and foremost a steel toothed comb. Fancy ergonomic or simple come from AMAZON cheapest.

If you have a fluff or a dog that is likely to pick up burrs and such due to the area he lives near, you will want to get a matt cutter. My favorite is a Safari Matt Cutter, AMAZON.

Down the road you may want to purchase a German made Mars Coat King. This is a tool for thinning and can clean up a fuzzy coated puppy coat quickly. Keep in mind this removes both dead and connected hair, it will thin but not shave. Use this tool before ever looking at a shaver. I also use a pair of Scissors, I like the ears neatly trimmed around the ear felt, and I keep the feet tidy which keep snowballs down and looks nicer. I also don’t love the tail hair sprouting out from the end or big top knots that remind me of a baby’s first pig tail. I usually pull those out and trim the tail.

As a warning assume every groomer has no clue how to groom a Griffon. Most groomers think every dog is a Doodle and pull out the clippers. Once you skin Griffon, the undercoat typically grows back long before…. maybe months before the outer wire coat comes back in. They remind me of a rusty, brillo pad with a dull fuzz covering the shaved areas. Pulling is an art, you can get it easily enough or search for a groomer that will hand pull your dog’s coat

Chapel X Bandit Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Females 4 weeks old

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